Career point, Saharsa established on 20th march 2006. It has been established to increase the performance level of students in their aims so that they can excel among others. Our students have to go out of station getting better education and there they feel their weak points because of poor base. Due to this they can’t get their aims and become frustrate. If here excellent education will be provided, they won’t have to face difficulties in their career. For this is essential to have some good education center. Observing all these things, Career Point has been established in this city. We need the support of student, educated guardians and our teachers to achieve aims. All students who have connection to this institution will have to labor hard over their study and guardians will have to be conscious over their children too. Our teacher will have to be honest towards their duties.

  • The Institute has an environments that aspires students to recognize and explore their own potentials and builds up confidence in them.
  • Our endeavor will be to promote knowledge and wisdom, courage and confidence, discipline and creativity through Personality Development Class
  • Personality Development Classes lead to involvement and participation, which in turn lead to voluntary and conscious efforts for knowledge and excellence in every fields.

Our Goal:
To promote knowledge and wisdom, courage and confidence, discipline and integrity among students to excel in their lives.

Mode of Learning:
Participate learning, creating on environment that promotes active learning.

  • To develop activities that involve students in learning program.
  • To develop passion of learning, discipline and ownership. Knowledge and wisdom will be its natural consequence.

Philosophy of Organisation:
To provide quality education at an affordable cost enabling common people to secure good future for their children.